April 11, 2011

We "Like" You Too

We have started work on highlights for the ridiculously entertaining weekend of CPD rugby that just occurred. Lucky us!

Because we have to make a decision on which games to do first, we have decided to try and do so in a manner that is fair. If you like us on facebook we like you right back. We have the most "likes" from Army on our facebook page, so their matches will get priority. Next is Navy, then BYU.

Spread the word everyone! Especially to high school teams/players/coaches. This is absolutely critical to the growth of American rugby. I once attended a college lacrosse game between Princeton and Johns Hopkins. What did I see? A mob of middle school and high school aged kids walking around with their lacrosse sticks and talking about their favorite players.

The CPD, and other leagues like the ACRL, need high school fans and it needs high school players to aspire to play in their leagues. We need kids to know who Blaine Scully, Cameron Dolan, and Will Holder are. We need kids to want to go to a match to see them live. (And pay money for admission/concessions/t-shirts) We need these kids to dream of wearing the PSU blue and white or the Fighting Irish green.

For the first time in American rugby history, anyone can see the highlights of matches just days after they occur. The CPD and college rugby in general are ripe for a huge influx of fans. We just have to go get them.

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